Introduction of Non-Profit Organization, “Multi culture Network”

“HOPEKDIS”, a compound word of ‘Hope and ‘Kids’, started in 2008 as a brand that provides cultural, arts and educational programs to multicultural families in Korea. Our goal is to help children from multicultural families in Korea achieve their dreams and find identity through experiencing various culture and education of their parents’ country. “HOPEKIDS” has successfully hosted various cultural, arts and educational programs for multicultural children in Korea, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, APEC Cultural Foundation, Seoul Arts Center and Seoul City. To expand our reach to multicultural children in Korea, an organization called “Multi Culture Network” was set up and registered as a non-profit organization under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in June 2012. Since then, “Multi Culture Network” has been active in providing various social communication network services such as educational support, cultural and arts support, cultural exchange and multicultural festival not only for multicultural families but also for immigrated families, foreign workers, North Korean defectors and socially vulnerable groups. “Multi Culture Network” was established with the purpose of social integration based on enhancing cultural understanding. The integration will be achieved by promoting communication and exchanges through cultural sharing projects for multicultural families and culturally underprivileged group. In 2017, we have created an ICT platform in order to achieve providing the equal educational opportunities within Korean society. The ICT platform will connect multicultural families and their mentors, and enable sharing of information to foster talented individuals required for the fourth industrial revolution. The ICT platform of “Multi Culture Network” is a dream sharing study networking system that combines STEAM education to our Visiting Study Mentoring Program, which “Multi Culture Network” has many years of running experiences in. ‘Visiting Study Mentoring Program’ is an educational support program that voluntary mentors visit multicultural families at home and help children with study as well as provide emotional cultivation for these children, whose parents face difficulty on educating their children. Through the ICT platform, Mentee children can apply for customized education anywhere in Kore. Also, the program beneficiary children can grow up as a future of our society through learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics shared on ICT platform. Through the ICT platform, Mentor volunteers can efficiently manage their volunteering activity process including mentoring applications, mentoring activity management and supplementary document for the volunteering certificate. They can also have an access to STEAM-HOPE materials for their classes. A “STEAM-HOPE” is an integrated educational program which helps ICT-based mentoring activities with an aim of improving the basic learning skill needed in the 4th industry. The Dream Sharing Education Project, “HOPE KIDS Visiting Study Mentoring through the Multi Culture Network’s ICT Platform”, is part of the ‘Sharing and Dream’ project sponsored by Samsung and Social Welfare Organization Community Chest of Korea

How to Use ICT Platform Registration

A registration is required to use Multi Culture Network’s ICT Platform service and apply for our programs.

-To register, please follow the instruction below.

  1. ❶ Accept Terms of Use and privacy policy

    Please read and agree the terms of use and privacy polity to continue the registration process.

  2. ❷ Choose Member Category

    Please select one among Multicultural Family, Teenager Volunteer or University Student and General Volunteer

  3. ❸ Personal Identification

    Please get an identity verification using your name and mobile phone number. Children under 14 years old from multicultural family can get verified through an identification of parents or legal guardian

  4. ❹ Enter Personal Information

    Please fill in Username, Password, frequent user of this website, Parents Information, Guardian Information, Children Information, Registration Path and Preferred Programs. If you have two or more children, you can add extra child information by clicking ‘Add Children; a button in the bottom of the page. If your personal information has been changed, you can update it through ‘Personal Information’ page under ‘MyPage’ menu. When you update your personal information, you need to enter password once again. So please remember your username and password all the time.

  5. ❺ Registration Completion

    After you fill out all the sections, please click ‘registration’ button to complete your registration. After registration, you can see each detail of Dream Sharing Study Program, Visiting Study Mentoring program, STEAM-HOPE and HOPEKIDS program by clicking the shortcuts shown on the website.

Application for Visiting Study Mentoring Program

- Please follow the instruction below to apply for Visiting Study Mentoring Program.

  1. ❶ Visiting Study Mentoring program can be applied from ‘Visiting Study Mentoring Program’ menu or ‘Mentoring’ menu.

    You can apply for Visiting Study Mentoring Program per child.

  2. ❷You can automatically check the children information which you filled during the registration.

    Please choose your preferred time and subject for mentoring. If your child personal information has been changed, you can update the information on ‘Personal Information’ page under ‘MyPage’ menu.

  3. ❸ You must read the “Mentee family rules” document and follow when getting mentoring.
  4. ❹. Please answer the question carefully on the basic survey for mentee.

    Mentoring application will be completed after you finish your questionnaires.


- Please follow the below instruction for applying HOPEKIDS program.

  1. ❶ Please check the HOPEKIDS that you want to apply.

    Program: Creativity Education for Gifted Children / Classical Music Education / Five Sensitivity training Education / IT School / Art Program / Physical Education Program / Dream-Cup Soccer Tournament / Performing Art / Multicultural project for 4th Industrial Revolution

  2. ❷ Some of the HOPE KIDS programs run on an irregular basis.

    Once the program is available, you can find at the program schedule from ‘Notification’ page under ‘Community menu’ or from ‘Program Calendar’ under ‘MyPage.’ You can apply for HOPE KIDS Program per child

  3. ❸ After applying the program, program manager will contact you for further information
STEAM Program

To help the children to become a future leader of 4th industrial revolution, we provide the educational contents received from Multi Culture Network’s advisory group on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM).

- Please follow the below instruction for applying STEAM-HOPE program

  1. ❶ ‘STEAM-HOPE Activity’ is an activity that Multi Culture Network provides in related to STEAM education. You can check the detail and apply for the activity on ‘STEAM-HOPE Activity News’ page under ‘STEAM-HOPE’ menu.
  2. ❷ Please double check the children information that you filled during the registration before you apply for‘STEAM-HOPE Program.

    If your child personal information has been changed, you can update it through ‘Personal Information’ page under ‘MyPage’ menu.

  3. ❸ From ‘STEAM-HOPE Resource Center,’ you can view and download the various STEAM-HOPE contents and information uploaded by STEAM-HOPE expert group.
  4. ❹ From ‘STEAM Seminar,’ you can check the seminar and conference information in regards to STEAM program.
  5. ❺ From ‘STEAM Question’ notice board, you can raise a question on STEAM-HOPE resources and get the answers on the question.

Your donation will be used to provide multicultural and socially vulnerable family the various education, cultural and art program.

- Please follow the instruction below for donation.

  1. ❶ Four types of donation are available: (1) Regular donation, (2) One-time donation, (3) Goods donation and (4) Venue donation.
  2. ❷ Please choose your preferred type of donation and fill your information. Donation password will be required in applying for the donation invoices in the future so please remember.
  3. ❸ For a regular donation and an one-time donation, the donation application will be finished once you agree to terms of use and privacy policy.
  4. ❹ We issue the invoice for both financial and good donation You can apply the donation invoice from ‘Donation Invoice’ page under ‘Donation’ menu in ICT Platform. The donation invoice can be used for your end of year tax refund.
Question and Answer

You can ask us a question and getting answers through ‘Frequently Asked Question’ and ‘Question’ menu.

- Please follow the instruction below for using ‘Frequently Asked Question’ menu.

  1. ❶ You can immediately get an answer on the following question such as registration, visiting study mentoring, STEAM-HOPE, voluntary verification, donation and etc
  2. ❷ You can find the answers from ‘Frequently Asked Question’ page under ‘Community’ menu of ICT Platform.

- Please follow the instruction below for using ‘Raise a Question’ menu.

  1. ❶ If you can not find the wanted answer from ‘Frequently Asked Question’ menu, you can ask a question directly to Multi Culture Network manager.
  2. ❷ Please leave your contact detail such as phone number and email so we can reply to your question.
  3. ❸ If you find hard to write down your question, you can always attach the image file to support describing the question.
  4. ❹ You can find your question at ‘Raise a Question’ page under ‘Community’ menu of ICT Platform.
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